Cleaning Equipment

Nano Stencil Clean may be used in all types of stencil cleaning machines.  For fine-pitch and difficult stencil cleaning applications, we recommend ultrasonic technology.  Ultrasonic stencils cleaners can microscopically deliver the cleaning solution in areas that are difficult to reach with spray-in-air technology.  Our analogy of cleaning fine-pitch apertures with sprays is like “trying to clean a keyhole with a firehose”; the wash solution just cannot effectively reach the contamination.  When sprays fail to clean, the inclination is to increase the spray pressure.  High pressure sprays can bend delicate land mass areas between fine-pitch apertures and ruin the coplanarity.

Ultrasonic technology can deliver Nano Stencil Clean into the smallest aperture and microscopically “scrub” all wetted surfaces. An ultrasonic stencil cleaner is by far the best method for the safe and effective cleaning on solder paste stencils.  For more information regarding ultrasonic stencil cleaning machines click here.